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an ode to voguing

5 shampoo and conditioner pairings for every hair need

finding the right shampoo and conditioner can be a bit of a task… but it doesn’t have to be. we’ve done the rigorous research and hours of testing to bring you shower companions for every hair need. no more “umm’s” and “ahh’s” as you sift through pages of products… we have a match for every hair type. from dry, damaged, fine and unruly, to everything in between… find the one.


hydrate dry hair

say goodbye to the dry with this moisture-soaked duo.  the therapist hydrating 

shampoo will strengthen and moisturise dry, colour-treated hair, while it’s sulfate-free cleansers’ offer an ever-so-gentle clean that will lock-in your colour and help to replenish a dry scalp and hair. 

follow with the therapist 


conditioner  for a double dose of moisture and strength to leave you with soft, shiny and manageable locks. let’s not forget, they’re both friendly to your colour… so no fading here.